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Papers "DC Grids for Buildings" by U. Boeke and M. Wendt and "Energy Efficient Low-Voltage DC-Grids for Commercial Buildings" by R. Weiss, L. Ott, and U. Boeke presented at the IEEE 1st International Conference on DC Microgrids", June 7-10 2015, Atlanta, USA, are available in the
Documents-Publications section.

Public deliverables D5.1.1 "Usual charts with total energy consumprion on all relevant nodes" by Fraunhofer IISB and D4.5.1 "Demonstration on industrial application" by Philips Research are available in the Documents-Deliverables section

Common paper by B. Wunder, L. Ott, M. Szpek, U. Boeke, and R. Weiss "Energy Efficient DC-grids for Commercial Buildings" presented at the 36th IEEE International Communications Energy Conference INTELEC 2014, Sep 28 - Oct 2 2014, Vancouver, Canada is available in the Documents-Publications section.

Public deliverable D4.4.1 "Demonstrators are tested and ready to evaluate the novel DC supply concept" prepared by Fraunhofer IISB is available in the Documents-Deliverables section

DCC+G project was represented by K. Rykov at the European Nanoelectronics Forum 2014 organised by Catrene and Aeneas in Cannes, France on November 26-27, 2014. The poster can be found in the Documents-Publications section

Paper by F. Xie, R. Weiss, and R. Weigel “Giant magnetoresistive based galvanically isolated voltage measurement" was presented at 5th IEEE International Workshop on Applied Measurement for Power Systems (AMPS 2014), 24-26 September 2014, Aachen, Germany. The paper can be found in the Documents-Publications section

ECPE cluster-seminar „Niederspannungs Gleichstromnetze - LV DC-Grids" took place at Fraunhofer IISB (Erlangen, Germany) on October 16-17, 2014. Several DCC+G partners participated in the seminar with following presentations: U. Boeke "LED-Beleuchtungssysteme", P. Meckler "Trennen elektrischer Kontakt bei Gleichspannung - Theorie und Praxis", R. Weiss "EU-Forschungsprojekt DCC+G", B. Wunder "DC Grid Manager – eine universelle Systemlösung für den Betrieb lokaler Gleichspannungsnetze", K. Rykov "Voltage Stability Assessment in Low-voltage DC-grids", and L. Ott "Innovative DC-Kleinspannungsversorgung - das Ende des Adapter-Dschungels". Available presentations can be found in the Documents-Publications section.

Article by P. Meckler, F. Gerdinand “Hybridschalter in Schutzgeraten fur DC-Netze" was published in ETZ – Elektrotachnik und Automation Magazine” (S3 2014) . The article can be found in the Documents-Publications section

Infineon Technologies (IFX and IFAT) will contribute to the 43th colloquium “Halbleiter-Leistungsbauelemente und ihre systemtechnische Anwendung” on 27-28 October in Freiburg, 2014. The talk is called “Verbesserung der dynamischen Überstromabschaltrobustheit im Rand mittels HDR“, (english: “Improvement of dynamic overcurrent turn-off with HDR”) and it covers the topic of improvement methods of the Infineon (MPT-) IGBTs.

SolCalor BV was invited by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs to participate in a technical mission to Japan and Korea from October, 23 to November, 5, 2014. The official host will be the King of the Netherlands Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands. SolCalor BV is going to present the contribution to the DCC+G project, in relation to the designs and validation of an energy-efficient building-integrated DC energy distribution system with innovative and highly-efficient semiconductor power technologies.

Common presentation about the DCC+G project was made by Emerson Network Power and Fraunhofer IISB at Darnell Green Building Power Forum on Sept. 23-25 2014 in Richmond, USA.

Common paper by K. Rykov, J. Duarte, L. Ott, E.A. Lomonova “Modelling of Aggregated Operation of Power Modules in Low-Voltage DC-Grids” was presented at 16th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications (EPE 2014), on 26-28 August 2014, in Lappeenranta, Finland. The paper and a poster can be found in the Documents-Publications section

Common paper by P. Meckler, R. Weiss, U. Boeke, and A. Mauder "Hybrid switches in protective devices for low-voltage DC grids at commercial used buildings" was presented by P. Meckler at the ICEC The 27th International Conference on Electrical Contacts in Dresden, Germany, 23-26 June, 2014. The paper and the presentation are available in the Documents-Publications section

DCC+G White Paper
"Efficiency Advantages of ±380 V DC Grids in Comparison with 230 V/400 V AC Grids"

A white paper titled “Efficiency Advantages of ±380 V DC Grids in Comparison with 230 V/400 V AC Grids” quantifies the energy efficiency advantages of sub-modules and applications when supplied from the proposed DC power grid. The white paper addresses the efficiency differences of low and high power rectifiers. Cable power losses are explained for 230 V/400 V AC and ±380 V DC grids for resistive loads and the special case of non-linear AC loads that generates unwanted stress in today’s AC grids due to mains current harmonics. The efficiency advantages are documented to distribute DC power from local DC sources and storage in buildings by means of DC grids that considers solar power systems, generators of combined heat and power systems (CHP) as well as battery energy storage modules. The white paper also includes a reference list that guides to further literature.

The paper can be found in the Documents-Publications section

DCC+G White Paper
"Impact of a ±380 V DC Power Grid Infrastructure on Commercial Building Energy Profiles"

This white paper presents building energy profiles of three buildings when using AC or DC power grids. The three buildings are a 2007 build net-zero energy office building of the company Marché International in Switzerland, an office building of DCC+G partner Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Systems and Device Technology in Germany and a 2009 build REWE supermarket building in Germany. The energy profiles of the first and the third building are well documented in the literature given in the reference list. The transition from AC to DC grids and the change from fluorescent lighting to LED lighting offers calculated reductions of the annual building energy consumption between 12 % (supermarket) and 17 % (office building). The largest energy consuming applications in these office buildings are lighting and IT while the supermarket energy consumption is dominated by food cooling and lighting.

The paper is available in the Documents-Publications section

U. Boeke: Low voltage DC power grid system and applications - European and R&D Project Presentation at the 1st International Workshop DC Safty, organized by DKE, Frankfurt, Germany, April 3rd 2014. The presentation can be found in the Documents-Publications section

List of Conferences, EU Projects and Initiatives related to the DCC+G project is updated and available in Documents-Others section

SRB Energy/Solcalor B.V. participates at the Hannover Messe 2014, Hannover, Germany, 7-11 April, 2014, promoting the DCC+G project within the framework of the Holland High Tech House. More information is available on the official website.

Vicor’s webinar series, “Trends, Innovations and Power Design Strategies for High Voltage DC Distribution”, looks at the benefits of 380 V distribution in datacenter, commercial and retail applications, describing the challenges specific to these applications and components that enable cost-effective solutions.  Additional webinars explore the use of different voltages in aicraft, hybrid automotive, earth moving equipment and transportation applications.”

CEO of Solcalor B.V. Jan van Diessen will participate in the Cleantech Forum 2014, which will take place in San Francisco, USA, March 11-13, 2014. The forum focuses on such topics as distributed generation, energy efficiency, transportation, and others. Link is available in the Useful Links Section.

The presentation about the DCC+G project at the annual European Nanoelectronics Forum 2013 was given by Wilhelm Maurer in Barcelona, 27-28 November 2013. The poster can be found in the Documents-Publications Section.

Presentation "380V DC in Commercial Buildings and Offices" by Bernd Wunder (Fraunhofer IISB) at the VICOR webinar given on February, 13, 2014 can be found in the Documents-Publications

Ulrich Boeke gave the presentation about the DCC+G Project at the CIGRE DC Congress. Links to his presentation together with presentations from other participants and the official video are available in the Documents-Publications Section.

The common paper by K. Rykov, J.L. Duarte, M. Szpek, J. Olsson, S. Zeltner, and L. Ott "Converter Impedance Characterization for Stability Analysis of Low-Voltage DC-Grids"was presented at the IEEE PES Conference on Innovative Smart Grid Technology ISGT 2014 in Washington DC, USA, 19-22 February, 2014. The abstract with the presentation are available in the Documents-Publications Section.

The common paper by L. Ott, U. Boeke, and R. Weiss "Energieeffiziente Gleichstromnetze für kommerziell genutzte Gebäude" was succesfully presented at the ETG-Congress 2013 in Berlin and can be found together with its poster in the Documents section.

CIGRE, supported by DCC+G partner Philips, invites to the DC Congress January 30th 2014 at the Technical University in Delft, the Netherlands.

Mark Murrill: Overview of DCC+G (DC Components + Grid) Project sponsored by the European Union – Objectives and Progress to Date, Presentation at the Darnell Green Building Power Forum 2013, Richardson, Texas, USA, September 9th 2013,
abstract can be found here. Link is also available in the Useful Links Section.

Eindhoven University of Technology presented a common paper on the ECCE EPE 2013 Conference in Lille, France, which took place on 3-5 Spetember, 2013. The paper by K.Rykov, J.Duarte, U.Boeke, M.Wendt and R.Weiss is entitled "Voltage Stability Assessment in Semi-Automous DC-Grids with Multiple Power Modules". The full article and the related poster are available in the Documents Section.

Deliverable D2.2.1 is now completed and can be found in the Deliverables Section.

The article "Gleichstromnetze für Kommerziell Genutzte Gebäude" from Ulrich Boeke, Roland Weiss, Peter Meckler and Leopold Ott published in Elektronik Magazine is available in Publications section.

Public Deliverables are updated in the Documents Section

The presentation prepared by Prof. Waffenschmidt, Cologne University of Applied Sciences offers the information on the office test bed with a 380 V DC grid at Philips Research in Eindhoven.
E. Waffenschmidt, U. Boeke: Low Voltage DC Grids, Presentation at the ECPE Workshop “Power Electronics in the Electrical Network”

The article "Gleichströme Im Griff" by Günther Rott (Panasonic) about DC Relays is available in the Documents-Others Section.

Emerson Network Power has developed a new line of AC to DC Power Systems with output up to 400V DC to address emerging applications in telecommunications, datacenters and commercial buildings.
Emerson Network Power 400V DC Solutions

EMerge Alliance - an open industry association developing standards leading to the rapid adoption of DC power distribution in coomercial buildings. Link to the Presentations section of EMerge Alliance can be found here.

Short summary on EMerge Alliance activities is presented in Documents-Others section.

Links to DC Grids related articles from Die Welt "Die Zukunft gehört dem Gleichstrom"and Berliner Morgenpost "Warum Wechselstrom nicht mehr rockt"

New documents are available in the Publications section

List of Conferences, EU Projects and Initiatives related to the DCC+G project is available in Documents-Others section
Conferences, Projects, Initiatives

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